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Electronic Arts to develop original Star Wars games for 10 years

Electronic Arts (EA), responsible for Madden, FIFA, The Sims, Battlefield, and many other franchise, has the exclusive right to develop Star Wars games for the next decade.

None of the new Star Wars titles by EA will be directly tied to any of the upcoming Star Wars films; however, they may be inspired to borrow elements of the new Star Wars films.

EA’s Chief Financial Officer, Blake Jorgensen said, “…The beauty of the Star Wars franchise is that it’s so broad and so deep, you don’t have to do a movie game, you can do a game that’s very focused on the world that’s been created around Star Wars.”

EA does not desire their new Battlefront game to be a rehash of its predecessors either, so expect changes in upcoming Star Wars video games.

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Man arrested, threatening to Kill Nintendo Executives

The names of the Nintendo executives, a man, 25, planned to kill have not been released to the public. He has been arrested, and admitted to the act.

The threats were executed on Nintendo’s main website. One of the alleged threats is, “”I’d planted bombs at Nintendo headquarters, tomorrow afternoon they’re going to blow up, Nintendo go bankrupt.” [SIC]

Threats of this nature were also directed towards Nintendo in Sept. It is presently unknown if the two cases are connected.

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Happy Birthday, Nintendo Co., Ltd.

60 years ago, Nintendo Co., Ltd. (NCL) was formed and made into a publicly traded company. Nintendo itself though is significantly older, having been birthed Sept. 23, 1889, 124 years ago.

Happy Birthday, NCL, and many more!

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Happy 1st Year Anniversary, Wii U!

A year ago, Wii U launched in North America. We will have articles relating to this soon, but for now, once more, happy anniversary, Wii U.

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Nintendo eShop Balance to be Shared between 3DS and Wii U

In an upcoming update this Dec., the specific date unknown, if you own a Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, you will be allowed to sync them up and share finances between the two systems.

Instead of the present system, where you may have $30 on 3DS and $5 on Wii U, with the update, the total will be $35, based on the example amounts. Therefore, if you spend $10 on a 3DS game, and check your balance on your synced Wii U, the balance will be down to $25. Going further, if you spend an additional $10 on Wii U, and check your synced 3DS again, the balance will be $15.

This is a step closer to cross-purchases between the two systems, but it’s not quite there yet.

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Youtube Comes to 3DS, and Will Update on Wii U

Nintendo 3DS will receive Youtube functionality this Dec., the specific date unknown, in the upcoming firmware update.

Users will be allowed to watch a video on the top screen, and search for another video on the bottom simultaneously. This functionality will also be coming to the Wii U’s Youtube application, which presently does not allow for multitasking.

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Nintendo 3DS to get Miiverse in December

In an upcoming update this Dec., the specific date unknown, Nintendo 3DS will gain Miiverse support.

Miiverse is an online message board functionality first introduced with the Nintendo Wii U. It allows people to converse with one another about their favorite games, share in-game pictures, provide their impressions of games, and ask for help.

Miiverse will be an application that can be opened at any time without closing your game software, much like the internet browser, friends list, so forth.

It can be accessed on the web too via https://miiverse.nintendo.net/

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Red vs. Blue Season 11, Now Available

It is available for pick-up on the RoosterTeeth website or for local pick-up at Wal-Mart.

Red vs. Blue is a machinima series created by Rooster Teeth Productions, born from the Halo 1 and subsequent engines. It loves witty jokes, and deep plots, about two opposing teams, Red, and Blue, who often find themselves in situations they would least expect.

Every season can be watched free and legally here.

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Nintendo Direct Incoming: 3DS Focused

Tune into this link, Nov. 13 at 8 a.m. Pacific, 9 a.m. Mountain, 10 a.m. Central, 11 a.m. Eastern.

Nintendo Direct is a video feature Nintendo runs almost every month to update their fans of known or previously unknown titles and announcements.

Fans are anticipating that this Direct will feature The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, for the Nintendo 3DS, as the focus. It is also hoped that an announcement regarding The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will be made, due to previous teases from Nintendo about the game being revealed soon. It is, however, unlikely due to the game’s Director/Producer, Eiji Aonuma, stating that he would reveal details regarding the next Zelda at next year’s E3.

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Pokemon X/Y’s Soundtrack is up for Purchase

If you enjoyed Pokemon X/Y’s soundtrack for gym battles or a particular city’s theme, you can purchase those tracks in iTunes for $0.99 each, or all 212 tracks for $9.99. 

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Atlus Being Bought In A Nutshell

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Why Super Mario 3D World Looks Fun

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Let’s Play & Analyze The Wonderful 101 Demo

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EA will support Wii U when it’s a viable platform (rant)

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The Necessary Balance of Story and Video Games

Video games are interactive experiences, and story elements are part of the video game experience in both minor and major ways. Now, if major, pushing, central-focused, interesting story elements were suddenly cut or drawn back from equation, would people still play some of the video games that are no longer in your face story-focused, in some unknown alternate reality, and would video games benefit or suffer because of it?

Story in many video games acts as the reason, that pushes the game player to trudge through game-play that may be getting a slight bit stale after several hours, just to learn what happens. Therefore, yes, it would be harmful to several genres, but even so, sometimes story is too evident and is forced on the player in spite of what a video game is actually about, game-play surprises and innovations. In many ways, story should be in the background, if at-all present, not in the foreground, as very little is more annoying in a video game than having control taken from the player to have the camera pan on a few things or events, that could have been ignored or paid attention to by the game player. Allowing the game player to maybe see it or maybe not see it adds to the interactive experience, and what each person gets out of a video game’s story.

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Fun is All Around, It’s Just a Matter of Realizing It


It’s possible to have fun in more ways than you may presently think you can have fun in, it’s just a matter of getting you to realize that. Consider the above picture as you read on.

Playing games is one of many things we do to entertain ourselves, and video, card, board, and tables games all fit into this category of games, as well as activities such as Jenga, laser tag, bowling, basketball, badminton, ping-pong, or soccer. Therefore, if a person were to say, like card games ranging from Go Fish, to poker, to a trading card game like Magic The Gathering, shouldn’t he or she be naturally inclined to perhaps like other forms of games as well, like a board game or a video game or a physical activity like badminton? It goes without saying that every person likes a game of some sort.

Now you may be asking, where this is all going, well, it’s going in the direction that everyone likes games, but there’s certain games people won’t try or play because they feel it’s too intimidating or maybe just not for he or she. Yet, when you think about it, each game form has so many varieties, that it’s boggling to the mind. One or a few bad experiences with board, card, or video games, so forth should not damn these entire game forms from your fun options.

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It’s Disheartening to hear of the Industry’s Main Base

Your smile has dipped to a slight frown, and your insides have flipped, because someone who said he or she is really into video games, listed off the only games they play as Call of Duty, Halo, Guitar Hero, Madden, and so forth.

You then think to yourself, “Does only playing these type of games allow you to say you’re really into video games?”. Your next thought then is that it’s exactly like saying that you’ve only recreationally read the Harry Potter books, and one or two other mainstream series, hence making you a lover of books, which is utterly nonsense. 

So, when you expected to have an interesting conversation about various video games, you’re left with, to your more varied pallet, a dull and awkward conversation you almost always want to turn from, and shed a tear. When you thought you’d be able to relate more with this person, it turns out, that nope, you cannot, with that topic area, at the very least.


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Gaming Age Nonsense

Why do we play games? Is it to be entertained, challenged, or is it just something to pass the time or a mix of any of the three? The answer will vary, but it’s a thought that has occurred for myself and many others as we venture deeper into adulthood. 

For those of us in adulthood or for those of you who are about to dive into it, no longer playing video games just because you’re an adult is like saying you’re going to stop reading books or watching movies just because you’re an adult.

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Wii U Launch Games in a Nutshell

This is me describing each individual Wii U launch title in a Nutshell. Watch this if you wanna know what you’re in for.

I hope you enjoy!

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