10 Video Games to Look Forward To: Oct.-Dec.

To some people, only the best are acceptable, therefore we have listed what we believe will be the best titles for your attention and money, between Oct. 6 and Dec. 31, with descriptions and video included.


Our list is presented in an ABC format.

Assassin’s Creed III (360, PC, PS3, Wii U)

Genre(s): Action-adventure, open world stealth game.

A drastically new playground will be available for players as they can now monkey across trees in America, during the Revolutionary War! Assassination is the name of the game, and with Assassin’s Creed III, Ubisoft seems to be looking to prove that the third is the charm, as this newest title in the series innovates upon itself more than players would expect. Navy battles (actual real-time navy battles), and a new setting, along with many expected refinements that forged Assassin’s Creed II into a classic, such as its fun platforming elements, enticing stealth missions, and open-world design, should be more than enough to get the war blood boiling. -MattTGF

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (360, PC, PS3, Wii U)

Genre(s): First-person shooter.

It’s back once more, but this time, Treyarch is getting a lot more ambitious in order to make this Call of Duty stand out from the pack. Continuing from the not-so-standard fare of a Call of Duty story that the original Black Ops offered, it takes place in a futuristic setting that breathes fresh air into the series. This game also features the option to change events along the single-player story, adding replay value. All of this, added on top of guaranteed tight controls, shooting mechanics, and addictive game-play and stellar online multiplayer that Call of Duty is known for will have players coming back to this year’s edition. -IceTheRetroKid

Dishonored (360, PC, PS3)

Genre(s): First-person, action-adventure stealth game.

The lower-key and relatively unknown studio: Arkane Studios, this game has behind it makes it a wild card. With video game publisher and developer, Bethesda, though, taking the studio under its wing and funding the project helps this smaller studio in their journey of designing an ambitious game, giving a low-key, hard to predict studio a better chance to produce something special. Hopefully a unique combination of first-person views and stealth will be hold a special place in player’s hearts. Not to mention, with Harvey Smith on the project, who has mastered first-person and stealth in Deus Ex, it could ensure that this title will be a classic. -IceTheRetroKid

Far Cry 3 (360, PC, PS3)

Genre(s): First-person shooter, open-world stealth game.

If Halo or Call of Duty tire you with run and gun gameplay, then Far Cry 3 has something different for you! In a beautiful open-world tropical island like the first game, there will be improvements on the gameplay and mechanics of Far Cry 2, and it looks a lot more like the classic game Crytek had in mind with the first Far Cry. This gorgeous FPS also has 4-player co-op to boot, while presenting a great single-player campaign, not often seen in modern FPS’s. -IceTheRetroKid

Halo 4 (360)

Genre(s): First-person shooter.

Skip to 1:58 for gameplay.

A man thought dead by his fellow Earthlings, Master Chief, is back, and enemies old and new are present, standing in his way. Cortana’s degradation continues, and so does Halo in a new trilogy as a new developer, 343 Industries, takes the franchise reigns from Bungie. And because of the developer change-up, Halo 4 definitely seems to be benefiting, as new creative minds develop its game-world. -MattTGF

Hitman: Absolution (360, PC, PS3, OnLive)

Genre(s): Third-person stealth game.

Eidos brought back Deus Ex to us last year and this year they’re hitting the stealth genre again with Hitman, a prime example of shooting and stealth, what Eidos IPs seem to thrive at. Now under the Square Enix brand (with more money!), Hitman will have the support it needs to be successful. This new installment also finds a balance to be more accessible to newer players, while still keeping the core stealth mechanics we’ve all come to know and love. This is will be the alternative for those who feel Splinter Cell has forgotten it’s stealth roots. -IceTheRetroKid

Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale (PS3, PSV)

Genre(s): Fighting, action.

What Nintendo fans have been enjoying since 1999 with the Super Smash Bros. series will soon be in the hands of Playstation fans, as they finally get to set cross-universe characters against one another. Nathan Drake can now fight and interact with Sly Cooper (who would have ever thought that would happen!?). Now naturally, the game is not an exact clone of the Super Smash Bros. series, and  it does indeed play differently, but there’s no doubt that the game is heavily inspired by said series. Therefore, Super Smash Bros. fans may indeed find something to enjoy here. -MattTGF

Rayman Legends (Wii U)

Genre(s): Platforming.

Unfortunately this title has been announced to be pushed back to 2013, after the original publication of this article.

Rayman had been deathly sick with Rabbids until Rayman Origins, and with Rayman Legends, like Origins, Rayman looks like he’s ready to school Mario once more, demonstrating how a platformer should look and play in this day and age. Legends, like Origins will not bother with a life system and will not pity you by babying the game up (difficulty and creativity wise). All-in-all, if you want something more than your standard, usually good 2D Mario platformer, look no further. -MattTGF

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (360, PC, PS3)

Genre(s): Turned based strategy game.

Long overdue, the top-tier tactical franchise is back. No this isn’t that other XCOM you saw that was a first-person shooter, it’s the new XCOM game fans have been waiting for. Finally, after cancellation after cancellation of new XComs over the past 10 years, this one will actually see the light of day! We’ve waited so long and now we can finally see XCOM’s strategical glory in HD and current gen. While it may not be the original XCOM team it’s the team that brought you strategical classics like Civilization and this market needs another strategical classic to spice up the saturation! -IceTheRetroKid

Zombi U (Wii U)

Genre(s): First-person shooter.

“Zombies! The Zombies are coming!” would have been a fantastic thing to say if anyone believed it or could have done anything about it. No one did enough to stop it though and hence the story of Zombi U involves zombies, lots of zombies. This game is not your standard zombie affair, however. Players once bitten will lose their character and will be forced to play a new character, and if players want to retrieve what they collected up to the point of their death, then they will have to hunt down their former zombie-self and kill it. All the skill-points players had up to the point of their death will have to be earned once more though. Overall this game is survival-horror at its finest, a lost art among the video game industry, something Resident Evil has forgotten about. -MattTGF

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