Video Game Rants: Clipping and Dumb Computers.

This Earth and the human race is by nature governed by an unchanging set of rules (a world where you start floating for an uncontrollable reason would be horrifying!), and for an artificial environment to be truly immersible it must have believable interactions with an environment, and artificial intelligence, that does not come across as impossible or mindless (video game characters sure do live in scary worlds, where the rules are subject to glitches).

Since video games are supposed to be an escape from reality for some, then why should faults that happen within video games that break the illusion it is trying to create, be excused? In the real world, never, not once will a person or creature have its hand or foot or torso morph naturally into a wall or floor, and never once should a person or creature run against a wall to get to a player or not act human, if they are supposed to act human. Breaking illusions with elements like this would be like deactivating the Earth’s gravity at random, letting everything float as it wishes, just because it’s a glitch (that could happen in a video game), which would break our sense of reality.

How about this for reality breaking (clipping)?! -This image is borrowed from GamesRadar, and since it is, take a look at their article making fun of video game glitches, if they were real:

Over time video game visuals have improved, and now they are at the point of mimicking real-life, but to be fair they still have quite a bit of distance to go. Despite this though, even when video games become as real-looking as universally possible, if the issues I just brought up are present, it’s not going to matter how real or impressive the game looks, as these issues take you out of the game world’s immersible qualities and may make you exclaim, “Huh…” or something of that nature.

When issues like clipping (what I’ve been referring to, regarding morphing into the environment) and when computer controlled characters or what I’ll described as generally early 1900s Hollywood computer controller characters/robots (imagine the robot from Lost in Space) come into the equation, a video game can no longer emulate its immersible qualities, as its internal programs come across programming errors (“Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!” & “Destroy Robinson Family!” sort of conflict and share a sort of harmony). In the real-world, programming errors do not exist, as the world is strictly governed by a concrete, unchanging set of rules, and errors like the referenced robot are not acceptable!

Bigger and faster, and smarter robots is always a plus, but when said robots experience an error, that is truly displeasing. And within the video game industry, we’re rooting for better visuals, yet ever since the introduction of the 3D gaming-space, we’ve become naturally inclined to tolerate and accept the programming errors of video games, and this should not fly. If it were possible to play a video game with present-day, expected visual quality with no hint of the problems mentioned, everything would be perfect, and video games could perhaps declare that they have an unchanging set of rules (video game characters could once again live in peace, and never have to worry about slipping through a wall into oblivion).

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One Response to Video Game Rants: Clipping and Dumb Computers.

  1. Mike Jones says:

    lol…you act as if developers are simply not flipping the no clipping switch because theyre so lazy…all those pretty graphics youre talking about takes alot of time and effort to create,as do all the great gameplay mechanics we enjoy in this era….perhaps one day clipping will be fixed which would be pretty nice i admit but i expect glitches to be an ever present thing in gaming….even if its fixed with one generation new issues would pop up with the hardware evolutions of the future…theres always a bad scene in a movie,always a slow chapter in a book,just enjoy the 95% of what makes something great instead of focusing on the 5% that makes you say wtf

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