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A Smashing Letter of Ideas you Secretly Want.

The beauty of the Super Smash Bros. series is diversity. It’s not a fighting series limited to one-on-one confrontations. Matter of fact, the series likens closely to wrestling, significantly more than it does to Street Fighter, Tekken, and other fighting series. With … Continue reading

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The Necessary Balance of Story and Video Games

Video games are interactive experiences, and story elements are part of the video game experience in both minor and major ways. Now, if major, pushing, central-focused, interesting story elements were suddenly cut or drawn back from equation, would people still … Continue reading

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Fun is All Around, It’s Just a Matter of Realizing It

It’s possible to have fun in more ways than you may presently think you can have fun in, it’s just a matter of getting you to realize that. Consider the above picture as you read on. Playing games is one … Continue reading

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10 Video Games to Look Forward To: Oct.-Dec.

To some people, only the best are acceptable, therefore we have listed what we believe will be the best titles for your attention and money, between Oct. 6 and Dec. 31, with descriptions and video included. Enjoy! Our list is … Continue reading

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How to Visually Reflect the Fan Interest of Video Games.

It’s said to be a kid thing or what adults do who do not want to “grow-up”, but without delving into that debate, maybe you’d certainly like to creatively and perhaps cheaply decorate a room with your video game passion, … Continue reading

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